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High Paying Remote Marketing Jobs That Earn Me Adult Sized Paychecks

Last updated on November 9th, 2020 at 01:23 pm

2019 marks six years of remote working for me. In these years, I have not once stepped into a client’s office and have been working remotely while living in Germany. Read this post to learn about some high paying remote marketing jobs


My business is 100% remote – I work from home, coworking space or from anywhere I want really. At the same time, remote work has been able to generate a sustainable annual income for me. In fact, it has been more than just sustainable. I can confidently vouch that there are plenty of high paying remote marketing jobs out there.

As of this year, I no longer work solo and expanded my business by launching a virtual marketing agency.

This has been quite an enriching journey for me, both professionally and personally. It took a lot of hard work and a lot of learning to get there. Over the years I have been able to work in various marketing roles.

high paying remote marketing jobs


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links that may earn me a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I personally use and love, or think my readers will find useful.

Here are some high paying remote marketing jobs that you could start with minimal experience.


Social Media Manager

This was one of my first gigs as a freelancer. Before going freelance, I gained work experience at an online marketing agency as a social media marketing manager. Many business owners believe that social media management is easy and just about anyone can do it. Trust me that is not the case. I cringe when I see companies hire interns for social media jobs.

Of course, anyone can use social media. It is one thing to use Facebook as an end-user, and completely another to use it strategically as a brand. Social media today is hardly built for end-users anymore. They are practically big databases full of potential customers for businesses just waiting to target them.

Does this sound like something that an intern should handle?


A skilled social media manager creates, curates, and manages all published relevant content. They also strategize and execute digital marketing campaigns and gather and analyze the data results from those campaigns. Another important aspect is managing partnerships with other brands and influencers.

The downside is that there are way too many social media managers in the market and this drives the pay rate quite low. As this was my first ever gig as a freelancer I started out at a measly €7.50/ hr in 2013. Then got stuck for a while at €13.50.

I realised that money lies in B2B marketing so I created a niche for myself there. Another important strategy to raise my social media management fee was switching to a monthly fixed-rate model. As of now, I charge up to €2k – €3k per month per client with an average of two ongoing projects per month.

Skill Level: Mid to High
Earning Potential: Low to Mid


Paid Campaigns Manager

Paid campaigns management is also a high skilled marketing job. As mentioned above, as marketers, we have to treat social media platforms as a potential customer database. With organic reach hitting the lowest, brands need to invest in paid campaigns.

A PPC/ Paid Search Manager is responsible for implementing Pay Per Click media strategies for their clients. They set and optimise the campaign budget. Their role is to understand, manage, and support paid marketing activities that drive traffic and foster conversions for their clients. They are skilled in creating sales and marketing funnels.


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Like social media management, PPC management is extremely competitive as well. Despite being a high skilled job, freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer.com offer clients a large pool of talent to choose from. This results in a low rate of pay.

However, if you become specialised in one specific platform and can demonstrate high ROI to your potential client then this could turn into a high paying remote marketing job for you.

Skill Level: High
Earning Potential: Mid to High


work from home marketing jobs



Content Creator

I believe that the content creator is the most important part of any marketing team. After all,  content is the core of online marketing.

It is what we consume on social media. Brands want (and need) their audience to read, tag, save, consume, share and interact with their content online. Quality of the content can break or make a brand’s presence.

A skilled content creator is organised and creative, analytical and associative, disciplined and diverse. They know how to create content that converts a casual social media follower into a loyal customer. Even though writing can be considered as an art form by many, at its core it is down to a science. A high-quality content creator has mastered this combination.



Unfortunately, content creation is also an oversaturated job. With freelancing platforms making it an extremely competitive field, businesses can get away with paying peanuts for content creation jobs.

But again, if you have carved a niche for yourself and have results to show, then you can charge very high rates. After all, good businesses know they need to invest in great talent.

I write B2B blogs for my clients and charge up to €150 – €250 per post. Once you know your niche and have the right skillset, content writing can turn into a very high paying remote marketing job.

Skill Level: Mid to High
Earning Potential: Low to High



Data Analyst (Marketing Data Analyst, Social Media Analyst)

This is by far my favourite marketing job. If you enjoy making sense of numbers and stats, then it may become your favourite too, especially if you are fluent in other languages.

Without data-driven marketing, a brand is basically shooting in the dark. With no proper strategy supported by insights from various sources, any amount of creative talent is a waste.

So brands, especially those with a global presence heavily invest in gathering and processing consumer and social media data. These insights help them rebrand or launch new products or create better marketing campaigns. This is where a marketing data analyst comes in.


remote online marketing jobs


Germany and the DACH region is a big market and businesses are interested in learning what local consumers are saying about their products. Learning German finally paid off for me when I landed a couple of high paid data analyst jobs.

As a data analyst, I pull data from various sources, analyse and interpret it in a meaningful way. My deliverable is to prepare a market research report usually in 2-3 weeks that is understandable by marketing teams and c-level.

If you know a foreign language this can be a very profitable and a high paying remote marketing job. I charged over €3k per report which is quite a decent fee for just two weeks of work.


Skill Level: High
Earning Potential: High




Digital Marketing Project Management 

Project management is one of the more popular high paying remote marketing jobs. Digital project managers, in the simplest sense, ensure that things get done in the online marketing world. When I manage my client’s marketing projects, I make sure that the digital plan of action is executed according to the plan we have laid out.

A digital project manager often combines a brand’s digital assets (eBooks, videos, social media, etc.) and human resources (designers, copywriters, email marketers,etc.) to create effective marketing campaigns. The end goal is to make sure that everything is delivered, published and marketed as planned.

I generally charge an hourly fee for project management jobs as it is hard to predict how much time you may end up spending per week.

Skill Level: High
Earning Potential: High


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Online Marketing Strategist 

An online marketing strategist helps brands figure out how to make the most of the Internet to achieve their growth objectives.

When I have to develop a marketing strategy I start with an audit of the client’s digital assets as well as those of their competitors. Just like in a data analysis project, I perform detailed desktop research into my client’s and their competitors’ niche across multiple channels. This data helps me de-construct the best competitive practices in digital marketing and create benchmarks for their marketing teams.


Working Remotely While Living in Germany


The end deliverable is a roadmap that orchestrates all relevant digital channels and tactics (i.e. websites, content marketing, networking on social media, e-commerce, search and social advertising, SEO, marketing automation, apps, media/blogger outreach, etc.) into one actionable plan.

Just like a data analyst, a digital strategist is a high skilled marketing job. Depending on your experience and your client’s budget you can easily charge over €5k per project.

Skill Level: High
Earning Potential: High


Holvi - Einfach. Sicher. Papierlos.



In the past six years of freelancing and working remotely while living in Germany, I have taken up these roles separately and also offered them to my clients as service packages. A service package typically includes multiple marketing services at various levels. I have designed my service packages into three levels – ones that are suitable for:

  • Solopreneurs or bloggers
  • Startups, and
  • Small businesses

Clients can pick the service package that suits their requirements and budget the best.

This way I can escape the hourly rate dilemma and set a price that both my client and I are happy with. This pricing strategy has enormously helped me turn my freelance gigs into high paying remote jobs at an agency level.

Are you a remote worker too? How do you find high paying marketing jobs for working remotely while living in germany? Let us know in the comments below?


High Paying Remote Marketing Jobs

High Paying Remote Marketing JobsHigh Paying Remote Marketing Jobs

High Paying Remote Marketing Jobs

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