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How to Stay Productive When Working From Home

Last updated on March 15th, 2020 at 03:30 pm

Do you have to work from home but struggle with focus and productivity? Here are some of my top tips to stay productive when working from home.


Working from the comfort of your home in pyjamas sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

For an introverted soul like me, this is THE perfect work life.

Dodging long-winded work commute and office politics, and having my cat as the only coworker is a pretty nice scenario. But it’s not all that peaches and cream. One of the key challenges is to stay productive when working from home.

Remote work comes with its own set of daunting challenges. Feelings of isolation, lack of motivation, and haphazard working hours can all rapidly become overwhelming. On some days, I speak my first words of the entire day when my partner comes back home from work in the evening.

Well, that was before we got the cat anyway 😀


Working from home productivity tips
Now we have pretty intense team meetings every Monday morning


It is important to be willing about how you use your time to stay focused, productive, and accumulate more clients and billable hours! I have been working remotely and from home for six years now. Over these years, I have learned and tried various methods and routines.


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Here are some of the ways I stay productive working from home.



Have a Dedicated Workspace


Whether you have a home office or a nook in your living room, it’s essential to have a devoted workplace. It’s easy to park yourself on your couch each morning with a laptop and your cat.

Trust me, I’ve been there! The temptation is real. 😉



But can you get any work done on the couch?

To start with, the couch isn’t healthy for your posture and ergonomics. And it’s often near to a TV, which is a potential distraction. Moreover, my couch is a super cat magnet who keeps coming to me for cuddles and attention.  

That’s why a committed workspace is significant for remote working. Just as your bedroom is for sleeping, your workspace should be reserved for working. Ever since I got out of my student dorm and got into full-time freelancing, I have only ever worked in a dedicated home office. 

Nevertheless, it does not hurt to switch it up every now and then. I change the sceneries by having lunch in the dining room or Friday afternoon work sesh on the couch. If the weather is nice I work from the balcony as well! All these little touches can get rid of boredom and help you stay productive when working from home.


Dress Up for Success


As tempting as it may seem, resist the urge to stay in your pj’s all day long.

According to a research by Northwestern University, clothing can affect our psychological procedures and have a true effect on productivity. Clothes have symbolic significance for us. Our brain naturally links the outfit type with the significance that it retains– whether it is sportswear, a corporate suit or cosy loungewear. 

That’s right, people – the clothes we wear have an impact on our work performance and productivity. While there’s no need to dress up in a three-piece suit or a pencil skirt and heels when you’re working from your home, there’s still a way to get dressed for work.

Ladies and gents, enter – home office wardrobe. 


home office wardrobe


I make it a point of getting dressed every day – even if it’s just jeans and a blouse. My go-to home office wear is comfy jeggings and flowy tops. During winter I layer them with cosy cardigans. In the summer I switch to wearing comfy dresses and shorts. 

Just wear what’s convenient and comfy for you. Getting a daily routine — meaning brushing your teeth, doing your hair and getting out of your pyjamas — is essential, even if you’re just switching to yoga pants and a tee.

The trick is to look presentable – imagine going on a shopping trip on a Saturday afternoon, just without the high heels. Or a bra! 😉


productivity tips for remote workers


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Make Time For Some Physical Activity


Move. Your. Body.

Sitting on your arse for 8 to 10 hours each day is unhealthy. You will end up with a sore neck, achy back, headaches and in worst cases something serious as a carpal tunnel syndrome or a heart condition.

Besides this, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real, people. Working from home during winter can be very hard on remote workers. Long periods of no sunshine, non-stop rain and short days can dampen spirits of even the most positive optimistic person. It eventually leads to productivity issues and a lack of motivation.

It really helps to get some fresh air and sunshine if you have been indoors for too long. Dog owners have to leave the house every day anyway. But if you are a cat owner, you can also leash train the kitty and go out for walks together.

Regular exercise also helps. There’s no need to get an expensive gym membership. A simple home workout session is also a great pick me up. You will need a yoga mat and some sports attire at most. I make it a point to workout a few times a week from home.


how to stay productive working from home
I mean, I try to…but he’s always in the way 🙁



Set Boundaries With Friends and Family


A common belief is that remote work does not mean actual, real work. Some even doubt the potential of remote work as a source of a full-time income

Your family and friends might assume that working from home = a lot of free time. Parents might call during the peak morning hours, your friends may send an invite for a brunch, or your partner may ask you to join them for a walk.

But it can help to set some boundaries. 

You can always inform your family and friends of your working hours to help them understand that you are not always available.


work from home tips


By telling when you’re available rather than waiting for people to tell you when to meet up or call you, you’re in the full control of your time. Working from home isn’t a trump card for convenience. You are available when you’re available whether you’re in the office or not.

Remember you have to guide people on how to treat you and your work time.


But Don’t Shy Away From Human Contact


Now that we have your work schedule out of the way, make sure you work on your social calendar. 

Working from home for an extended time can leave anyone feeling a bit lonely. If you are like me, then you probably are better equipped to work on your own without the company of any colleagues. Otherwise, make it a point to meet a friend for lunch, take your dog (or cat!) for a walk, have a skype chat with mum.

Heck, I sometimes just set aside time to talk with my cat!


productivity tips for working from home


Reaching out to at least one to three people a day can help you feel connected in an otherwise isolated environment.

If you really really miss the hustle and bustle of office life, rent a coworking space in your area. In Germany, there are trendy coworking spaces in almost all big cities. You can rent office space for a very nominal fee. Some of them even organise networking events and game nights for their members. 

At coworking spaces, independent contractors, scrappy entrepreneurs, and home-based business owners can enjoy a healthy shared workspace (and sense of community) that’s hard to replicate at home.

Working at cafes is a good alternative to coworking hubs. Studies even show that it is easier to focus at a coffee shop than an open-plan office. But it isn’t possible to work from a cafe regularly. I live in a small town with very few cafes around. It’d be a little time-consuming for me to travel to just sit in a coffee place ever so often.

But background sounds also work just fine. I just put on some music, podcasts or audiobooks to imitate background noises. The key is to find something interesting, but also not so interesting that will completely sidetrack you from your work.

I love all things sci-fi, so I put on some YouTube review channels or some audiobooks of my favourite movies. That way I do not have to pay much attention and at the same time have some ambient noise.


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Get Face Time With Your Clients and Colleagues


Even if you work from home solo you should take time for your clients and team, and interact with them as much as possible. Without frequent communication, it’s easy for others to presume that you’re not doing much.

Regular contact adds some transparency and some human connection into your remote work life.


remote work tips


Team-building takes the utmost importance when you work remotely.

It’s important to be as forthcoming with your team members as you would be if you worked physically in an office with them.

I make sure to schedule a weekly jour fixe with my clients and remote team. It helps me exchange regular check-ins as to what I’m working on and what has been accomplished. Video calls also help build rapport and connection with your clients and remote team.




Maintain a Base Level of Pressure


Besides regular calls, I find I work best when I have deadlines. The more time I have allocated for a project, the slower I work and the less I get done. This is where self-set deadlines come in handy.


Work from home productive


Give yourself a snug but realistic timeframes in which to get specific projects or tasks done. This will help you delay procrastination (hehe).

No seriously, deadlines can help you maintain some level of urgency and give you laser-focus and weed out distractions. But don’t overdo it and don’t give your clients any unrealistic expectations.


In Short, Have a Ritual


Having a proper routine and a work structure can help you get back your work from home mojo. 

What is your work from home ritual? Do you have some special routine or a tradition before you start your day? How do you stay productive when you work from home?

Tell us in the comments below.

Staying Productive While Working From Home



Staying Productive When Working From HomeTip for staying productive when working from home

Staying Productive When Working From Home

Hi there, I am the human behind this blog. If you could not tell by my photo, I am fueled by tea. My expat journey started at the age of 19. Germany has been my home for several years. I hope you will find some helpful insights if you are considering moving to Germany or already live here.


  • Rebecca @ Boss Single Mama

    Setting boundaries when you work at home is so important. I’ve worked at home as a freelancer for 5+ years now but friends and family members still can’t seem to grasp that calling me up for a two-hour chat in the middle of my working hours isn’t helpful.

  • Jenn - The Solivagant Soul

    It may be because I do not always work from home but I LOVE being on my PJs when I work at home. Actually, because I skip changing clothes and the 40min makeup ritual, I end up starting to work much earlier. Which considering that I am a morning person, it is always a plus. And I agree with you, I do have different locations in the house depending on what I am doing (work or playing) and it was the best decision that I ever made. It increased my productivity immensely.

    • Yamini

      Hey Jenn, It’s great that you’re a morning person. I am very bad at being alert and awake in the mornings. Maybe I could learn something from you to work on this problem 😀

  • Jazmine

    I so needed to read this! Thank you so much for sharing. This is such a well-thought-out article and I appreciate you putting so much effort in to it for us readers!

    • Yamini

      Hi Clare,
      Thanks, happy to see that you find the tips useful. 🙂 Setting the deadlines definitely makes everyone – my clients and my team very happy, then we all have something to look forward to. 😀

  • Lilian

    I’m a work at home mom and to be honest, I never have any rituals. Once I see off my kids to the bus pick up point, I simply get to my desk and start working. Sometimes, I’ll remember to take my morning tea, other times I won’t. Maybe I need a ritual. You have some great tips. Oh! and I so love ginger tea.

    • Yamini

      Hey Lilian,
      Sounds great that you are just able to get to work right away. Maybe that’s your ritual after all. And I love ginger tea as well, but these days I’m semi addicted to matcha tea. 🙂 My favourite middle of the day pick me up!

  • Loren

    I have been working form home for a ling time and I find all your tips right on target. It is important to dress the part and have schedules, space and respect your time. Ich lerne Deutsch.

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