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Do you have a product or service that can make an expat's life easier in Germany?

This is where MiD comes in.

85% of the MiD’s visitors come from organic search, which means they are already aware of their problems and are actively looking for a solution.

MiD’s high-quality organic in-depth content connects you directly with your target audience.

Contact me directly to request a media kit and see my conversion rates and traffic stats. 

About Me – The Editor/ Creator

Hey, I’m Yamini. In late 2019, I launched Mademoiselle in DE (MiD) as a way to help fellow non-German speaking foreigners in Germany.

publish relatable, problem-solving content for foreign citizens moving to or already living in Germany.

My platforms in expat/ digital nomad niche

Mademoiselle in DE
My Startup Germany
Remote Working Expat

FAQs For Brands

A typical MiD reader:

  • is about 20 – 45 years old
  • has a non-EU background
  • is not fluent in German (yet)
  • already lives in Germany OR
  • is interested in immigrating here
  • wants financial stability in Germany
  • wants to become self-employed in Germany
  • most importantly, wants to feel at home in Germany
  • Freelance in Germany: Visa, taxes, legal etc
  • Business tools for self-employed in Germany
  • Housing in Germany: Buying, renting mortgage, etc
  • German Insurances: Health, liability, professional etc
  • German taxes and accounting: Tools, how-to guides
  • Day to day life in Germany: Family, pets, travel etc

In short, products and services that make any foreigner’s life easier in Germany. Some of the criterion that I consider:

  • Expat friendly essential products and services 
  • Brands that offer bilingual (German/ English) or multilingual (German/ EU languages)  customer service
  • An above-average customer rating (I periodically check customer ratings and remove links for brands that are below 4/5. If there are very few alternatives, then I clearly mention the current customer ratings in my content.)

I also happily recommend products or services that I personally use and find helpful for my freelance work or day to day life in Germany. 🙂 

  • Native content
  • Email outreach sequences
  • Video content
  • Webinars 
  • Custom lead generation campaigns

My content is created for search engines, where people are actually looking for answers.

It is neither my priority to become a social media “influencer” nor how I wish to position myself. 

If you are looking for an IG shout out, then I’m not the right person 😉

As an inbound marketer, I prefer to focus on actionable metrics –

  • conversion rate,
  • sign up rate,
  • email open rates,
  • time on the website etc.

You will not find any fluffy vanity metrics in my media kit.

Contact me directly to request a media kit and see my conversion rates and traffic stats. 

I am not just a blogger though.

My real ‘day job’ is managing inbound marketing projects with my virtual online marketing agency: Dehype Marketing.

If you are a B2B or B2C brand looking to work with an experienced content marketer, then take a look at my client portfolio or reach out to me directly at yamini.g @

Are you a brand dedicated to making expats’ lives in Germany easier? If yes, then I would love to hear from you.
Contact me directly at hi @ mademoisellein . de


  • Lorena

    Hi! I checked in from your article in Medium.
    I am looking for information to get a freelance visa. An Irish company wants to offer me work, but cannot yet pull me as a full time employee. I am non-EU, currently in Germany, lost my job so my 2 year visa was automatically set to expire, and my title is not homologable.
    I am not sure if I can become a freelancer, but I don’t really have anywhere else to go in Covid times. Sorry if I sound lost – I am. I have been in 35 countries for work, and everything I had going for me, seems to fail me here.

    Hope you have any pointer for me.
    Best regards!

    • Yamini

      Hey there Lorena, Really sorry to hear about your predicament.
      You can certainly apply for a freelancer visa in Germany – it’s really good that a company already wants to hire you! How long is left on your current visa? It might be a good idea to start asap since ABH is very slow with processing applications (even more so nowadays).

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