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How to Have A Phenomenal Weekend Trip In Prague

Last updated on June 27th, 2020 at 11:53 pm

Planning a weekend trip in Prague? Read here to learn more about the city and get inspiration for you next visit to Prague!


weekend trip in Prague from Germany


If you are a fan of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Prague will most certainly become your one true love. This beautiful city, the historical capital of Bohemia, will make you think you have walked into the enchanted gothic castle of the well-known Disney story.

Prague is and always has been a cultural hub spot. It was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and even today it is full of beautiful Gothic and Baroque monuments.

After moving to Franken this summer, a weekend trip in Prague was a no brainer. It is just a 3h bus ride away from Nürnberg, and its famous attractions, such as the Prague Castle, the Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge are just too good to miss out on.

Our weekend trip in Prague also coincided with a German bank holiday weekend. Since Prague is a super accessible destination from South Germany, we found ourselves drifting amongst fellow Germans. You could even hear German spoken on the streets all the time.


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Day One: Explore The Highlights


We decided to stay in an Airbnb about 40 min away from the city centre to have a genuine feeling of living in this city. This was a great decision – since Prague isn’t that huge, we were able to cover most of the city on foot and get to know it better. Prague can get really crowded during late-April or early May, so be prepared for swarms of tourists around this time.

We thought that the best thing to do on our first day in Prague was to simply walk around and soak in the vibe of the city. It was love at first sight! The main attractions – the famous Astronomical clock show on the Old Town Square are the Charles Bridge were stuffed with tourists and selfie sticks.

The cathedrals dedicated to St. Vitus and St. George, had to be seen right away. We often walked passed them during the rest of our trip and paused to admire them some more on different day and evening lights. They’re breathtaking – they deserve it!




Day Two:  Discover Prague’s Gothic Absinthe Bars!


Day two was much wilder in terms of our destinations – the old Torture Museum and the Sex Museum!

While it was a fun experience, and their themes sounded promising, they still felt a bit too touristy and thus overpriced. But that didn’t stop us from finishing the day in a party mood since we ended up visiting a few Absinthe bars and tried some Absinthe cocktails.



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Those bars have become the symbol of Prague. Very gothic, but welcoming and friendly – some of them even serve breakfast! These absinthe bars commonly feature psychedelic murals and artworks which just adds to the mood.

I especially loved the Dark Velvet cafe bar in our neighbourhood, where we went for breakfast every day and the famous Absintherie bar in the Old Town. While we are at it, make sure to try Absinthe ice cream – this is an absolute must, especially during a warm summer day.



Day Three: Go For A Stroll In The Town


Finally, our third day was dedicated to a free walking tour.

We wanted to know a bit more about Prague’s historical background, and a guided walking tour shows exactly that. Seeing how popular destination Prague is, there are tons of walking tours that you can pick.

Ours was quite interesting and informative but felt a tad too long at about four hours.



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Nonetheless, once it was over we seized the opportunity to rest at an outdoor concert while enjoying some traditional Czech music and dance performances. We also gorged on the delicious Czech food from the food festival that was happening at the same venue. Speaking of food, don’t forget to try Trdelník – a popular Hungarian chimney cake. After all, you gotta make up for all those lost calories from long walking tours. Not to forget that delicious Czech beer! 



Prague is definitely an interesting destination. It’s easily reachable from south Germany. There are so many beautiful attractions to visit, and its gothic architecture will certainly leave you breathless.

While it can get crowded and you can come across some very touristy moments (well, just like in any other city of its size and importance), the city still looks like a picturesque illustration from a fairy tale book and will not disappoint you with its lively energy.

All in all, you can have a quality yet an inexpensive weekend trip in Prague.


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Have you had a weekend trip in Prague? If yes, what was your favourite attraction there? Share what you loved about the city and give inspiration to people who plan to visit it soon!


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